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A snapshot of my videography and motion work.


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My Honours university project is an attempt to show letterpress printmaking in a new light. Unknown to the innocent bystander, the printmaker enters into a dialogue with the press. These machines are decades old and over time have developed individualities and personalities. They all sound and behave differently and through a series of interviews I am to share this story with a wider audience.

This piece is designed to be viewed in conjunction with the printed coasters being produced in the film. Multiple colour runs, Crane Lettra Fluro 600gsm, Die Cut Coasters


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Back in April, a group of UTS students (and two lucky tutors) set off on a trip exploring the spoils that Japan had to offer. This is a quick, fun overview of the trip as captured in camera. Spending time in both Tokyo and Kyoto, we experienced the amazing culture, people, artisans, food and lifestyle Japan had to offer.


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On a recent trip to Japan, I was highly recommended this small escape from the craziness of Tokyo. It is hard to find a decent coffee in Tokyo at the best of times. But Omotesando Koffee offers you so much more than just a great tasting coffee. This place delivers you an amazing experience and leaves you wanting more. It's well considered interior, decor and garden courtyard is definitely something to be experienced. I found myself returning here on several occasions and I expect a few more times in the future!


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This motion graphic is a clip created for a new start up called Jigsaw Business Solutions which is a social enterprise aimed at helping small to medium sized businesses with their daily operations.


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Working closely with Darrall Thompson at University of Technology, Sydney, I developed a motion graphic that is intended to introduce new and existing students of DAB (Design, Architecture and building) at UTS to the concept of Graduate Attributes. These are a set of attributes the faculty aim to highlight and develop throughout various design degrees in order for students to be more well equipped for the big bad world.


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On a recent trip to Japan, I was lucky enough to visit one of the remaining traditional woodblock printing studios, Takezasa Do. Hidden in the heart of Kyoto, Kenji Takenaka reproduced Hokusai's 'The Great Wave' using traditional woodblock printing technique. As a letterpress printmaker, I was in absolute awe of his skills with his hands. This inspired my to re-create Hokusai's masterpiece, but appropriate it using the medium of letterpress.

8 colour runs, Crane Lettra Pearl 300 gsm


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Gingerbread is a self-branded identity developed across various stationery items. The idea driving this identity is to be simple and clean, whilst being friendly and non-intimidating. Using a limited colour palette, the logo is a customised typeface that immediately sets the tone of the whole identity. This includes a busniess card, letter head, follower page, custom rubber stamp, envolopes and a unique variation on a with compliments slip.


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As an extension of my personal identity, I have used two images from my photographic series ‘Locality’ for a leave-behind piece. This is a letterpress piece produced on Gmund Cotton 500GSM using an original Heidelberg Windmill Press.


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As a photographic series of six images, Locality is an exploration of how the every day can be abstracted through a camera lens. Through restricting my shooting technique and the equipment used, location is stripped from each image and a consistent aesthetic tie the six images together.


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Feel free to drop me a line.

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21 years old.

I'm a ranga. and proud!

I love to juggle, snowboard and skate.

A camera is my weapon of choice.

My daily drive is a Heidelberg Windmill press.

I built this website!

I'm in my final year of Visual Communication at UTS.

I have developed an addiction to good design.

And I aspire to create just that.